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Welcome to our great new site.

Let me just say at the start, if you like the look of any of our paintings then please email  

 Creations from the Cotswold Studio

Artists Studio

We create large, bespoke, vibrant statement pieces of modern abstract art. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind item that will take pride of place in your home or office. Please take a look through our current portfolio of works and be sure to get in touch to find out more or to commission a tailored piece.

If you see something you like anywhere on the site please get in touch at the email below. We do this because we sell artwork all around the world and every shipping consignment is a different cost. Which means we can't automate a payment system without contact with you and our logistics company.   

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2024 Portfolio Download

On the table.
This is a range of commissions and new paintings that are being worked on currently.

The Harlequin Stag.jpg

The Harlequin Stag

This is carrying on the segmented colour range that you may have seen previously. Colour segmenting is such a great format and gives the subject a vibrant lift. 

Email for more information

Blue Lobster

All finished and on display at one of our permanent exhibition sites. 

Email for more information.


This piece is called "Cernunnos" who was an ancient god of nature and represented by the stag.  

Email for more information

Studio Works

Resident Artist - Steve Allen


Commissioned Artwork

From the initial design to the unveiling, we work with you to create your special piece.

We pride ourselves on delivering tailor-made & unique creations for clients around the world. With the help of your required colour pallet we can deliver beautiful pieces.


Corporate Portfolio Works

Take a look at our different portfolio's and choose the piece you like.

We work in several abstract mediums which can incorporate 3D, metal leaf to large vibrant colour contrast works.
We'd be happy to assist you design your own commercially tailored artwork..

New Styles and Mediums

Centre Piece Creations

We're always on the lookout for new and exciting projects, and trying new mediums. No matter the size or complexity, we're here to deliver a perfect result to your specifications. If you’d like to learn more about our Bespoke Artworks service, please get in touch.

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Our Story

An Eye for Detail

Since opening our new studio in 2021, it has allowed us to produce many, many more pieces of work for our own collections and client commissions. 
Being based in the Cotswolds we are lucky to be surrounded by incredible landscapes and vistas, so creativity is never a problem.

The Supply Team

Without the following - We simply couldn't do what we do.

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