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 New Piece :-
     Parallel Lines

This is our latest piece in the En-Noir collection. Parallel Lines is an ode to the hit Blondie album of the same name, and we just made a few colour changes.  

The size is an impressive 150cm x 100cm (Portrait)


Price is £1275.00 


The En-Noir Collection

These are a collection of vibrantly coloured artworks set against a black background.

For this range, vibrancy, size and colour have definitely been the key drivers. All these pieces are circa 1.5m X 1.0m and make quite a  statement in any room.

If you would like to know more about a certain piece or discuss a bespoke painting, please do get in touch. At

Others Works in the En-Noir Collection


Mis-Shapes (Sold)

Mis-Shapes is an ode to the great Pulp song of the same name. It simply looks at how we're all different.


The picture is a sizeable 1.5m x 1.0m and is acrylic on stretched canvas. 

Original One Off Piece, framed and ready to hang  - Sold

Onwards & Upwards

This started out titled "Peaks & Troughs" then a lady at an exhibition said that she would have named it "Onwards & Upwards". After a tiny bit of thought we realised she was right. It depicts the importance on keeping going.

Again its a large piece at 1.5m X 1.0m following the acrylic on stretched canvas medium. 

Original Piece £1250  framed and ready to hang. 

This piece can currently be seen at the Open Space Gallery,

Rawson Street, Halifax until the beginning of February. 


Keys (Sold)

This was one of our first commissions. The client who was a professional pianist had seen other works in the En-Noir portfolio and asked for something more personal to his life. 

Only available in limited edition prints A2 in size. 

Cost - £185


The Copper Strip

Keeping with the En-noir theme, this piece is one of the only small paintings we have created. Its A3 size acrylic on canvas, but this time its covered with a layer of epoxy-resin. The epoxy gives a far deeper shine. 

Original work £295 

Go-on Blow....! (Sold)

This was our quickest selling painting. We posted a quick message to social media along with a photo on it's completion and within 20 minutes it had sold. It is still available in limited edition prints in A2 size.

Limited edition print are still available costing £165

Spirit of Koi wet look_edited_edited_edi

The Spirit of Koi.

Again, bright colours mixed with an abstract artwork. According to Japanese legend, all dragons are born and start their lives as Koi carp. So rather than attempt to paint a dragon we opted for a shoal of Koi, leaving a remanence of colour as they glide through the water. Acrylic on stretched canvas size 1.2m x 1.0m and coated with epoxy resin to add the façade of a wet look . 

Original piece £685



This was very much a homage to Jackson Pollock. As with many artist, I had an old canvas lying around the studio and struggled to use it. When one day I placed layer on layer of paint to form the deep and bright painting. It was named "Sweeties" because it reminded a viewer of Liquorice Allsorts...... 91cm x 61cm on stretched canvas in acrylic.

Original work £425

 Sweeties 2.0 (Sold)


This painting came about when a client viewed the original Sweeties painting in a gallery. The lady then asked for the same style and depth of painting but with a colour pallet that matched a room within her house.   

Prints are available but limited number. £185

 Autumnal Tree (Sold)


Another great commission we carried out for a client in early 2023. The client had a a large space next to a big comfy chair. We were asked to design a large tree in autumnal colours so the client could sit below and read their favourite book.

Original sold but a limited number of A2 prints are available. 

Cost £195. 

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