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Other Works & Styles

"Hot off the press..."
Autumn Whimsy
is now complete.  

We really hope you like this one. Just email us for more details.  


From Pollack to Banksy and Mondrian to Bull you'll find a large cross-section of "Odes" to these magnificent artists below. We really hope you like them.


Red Trees.

Another vibrant piece that sold recently at the wonderful Lower Slaughter Art Festival. I was at the show when the client walked through the gallery doors, she looked at the picture, looked away then looked back and immediately said "I want that"...... The painting now lives in San Francisco with its new owners. 

Original work sold but a limited number of prints are available. 

Cost £195

Autumnal Tree

Another great commission we carried out for a client in early 2023. The client had a a large space next to a big comfy chair. We were asked to design a large tree in autumnal colours so the client could sit below a shady tree and read their favourite book.

Original sold but a limited number of A2 prints are available. 

Cost £195. 


Autumn Silver

Its now complete......

This painting was incorporated from a discussion with a past client who asked about an autumnal version of one of our tree portfolio pieces.


Size - It is 150cm x 100cm acrylic on stretched canvas. 

Cost - £995

Blue Tree

Another newly completed piece. 

Its a smaller tree which the background is produced from gold pigment powder. The tree is painted in acrylic and then a layer of epoxy resin is then added for another dimension. 


Size - It is 90cm x 60cm acrylic on stretched canvas. 

Cost - £495

Blue Tree_edited.jpg

Take a Closer Look

Working with "Leaf"

20230809_121004 (2)_edited.jpg

Chinese Red.

Following a recent trip to China, I was stunned at the use of colour and metallic leaf. So, on my return I started to try different techniques and styles. This is a large vibrant piece using bright vivid colours and gold leaf. 

Size - 1.5m x 1.0m (Landscape format & framed)

Cost - £885

Copper Top

Copper Top is a revitalised old ode to Mondrian, which we applied copper leaf too. The result is a subtle copper picture with vibrant colours peeping through below. 


Size - 1m x 1m (Framed)





This again is born out of an Ode to Mondrian. By adding colour co-ordinated leaves of metallic paper it changes the picture completely. 

Size - 1.2m x 1.0m (Landscape format & Framed)

Cost - £585


An Ode to Banksy.


Vivid Shoot in Green

I was given the opportunity to show a number of my pieces in a fabulous and award winning local pub/restaurant (The Queen Elizabeth in Elmley Castle in Worcestershire). Knowing that the pub is popular with local shoots I wondered how an abstract artist could possibly adapt their work to relate to the shooting fraternity. Well, this is the result. 

Size - 1m x 1m (Framed)


*If you purchase this piece in the pub/restaurant then 20% will go to charity. 

Vivid Shoot in Yellow.

Keeping with the use of silhouettes, we adapted the shooting scene to match the trilogy of shooting orientated paintings. 

Size - 1m x 1m (Framed)


*If you purchase this piece in the pub/restaurant then 20% will go to charity. 


Vivid Shoot in Blue.

Keeping with the use of silhouettes, we adapted the shooting scene to match the trilogy of shooting orientated paintings. 

Size - 1m x 1m (Framed & Ready to hang)

Cost - £485  

Miscellaneous Pieces


The Loneliness of an Angler

This is in keeping with the silhouette theme and depicts the perceived loneliness of an angler, when in actual fact the angler believes there's far more going on beneath the surface. 

Acrylic on stretched canvas and the size is circa 1m x 80cm framed and ready to hang. 

Cost is £485.

Turquoies Flush_edited_edited.png

Turquoise Flush.

This is another leap into the abstract. This picture started out as an ode to Mondrian, then it was covered in silver leaf. We didn't like that either so it became a vibrant abstract piece!

It is acrylic, pigmented power and leaf on stretched canvas. Size is circa 1m x 80cm.

Cost is £285


Moonlight Bluff

This piece again works with a indigo blue background and simply depicts a moonlight peeping around a corner. 

This piece is acrylic and acrylic crayon on stretched canvas.  Size is circa 1m x 80cm framed and ready to hang. 

Cost is £386.  

Shapes Portfolio



This is a complicated abstract piece that took many forms before we settled on this final work. It is made up of acrylic paint and gold and silver leaf, overlaid with metallic spray paint and lacquered with epoxy resin. 

The painting is a large piece at 1.5m x 1.0m (Landscape format) 

Costing £785



Another homage to the great Mondrian. I love the use of contrasting colours sitting alongside each other. 

This work again utilises a coating of epoxy resin to really emphasise the colours. 

The picture is 1.5m x 1.0m acrylic and epoxy resin on stretched canvas. 

Cost is £725.




This was born out of a rather choppy trip across to the Outer Hebrides. The waves were crashing over the bow of the ferry, but the sun was shining brightly making the sea a multitude of shades of blue. 

This picture is acrylic on stretched canvas and size is 1.5m x 1.0m (Landscape)

Cost is £685.



This picture is a our first look at a more 3d approach. Using pieces of identically sized wooden blocks each coloured to represent a specific time in life. The picture depicts the peaks and troughs of life, and how the bigger events bring balance. 

Size is circa 1.0m x 60cm (Landscape)




Golden Bulrushes

Another abstract piece on stretched canvas. This piece is an unusual size being circa 1.2m x 60cm using acrylic paint and gold leaf. 

Cost is £385 (Framed and ready to hang)

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