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Studio Patronage 2024 (Detail)

Be at the heart of British art. 


The Vision.

In order to continue to be a successful art studio we need a little support. The support given by our Studio Patron Program 2024 will enable us to carry out our ambitious programming plan for the coming year. 

The patron will make a vital contribution to key projects, new exhibitions, and core running costs. All of which will enable the studio to produce original, vibrant and beautiful artwork throughout 2024.


Principle Patron

Singular not plural......

Ideally, we are looking for a single patron/supporter who would like to join us on this amazing journey.


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The Detail

What we need & What we can offer. 

We have built an impressive following on both Instagram and Facebook and it's growing all the time. So, for the new Studio Patron 2024 we will give a complete social media, website, advertising, and exhibition promotion package.

This will include patrons logo/name on all social media pages and all promotional posts. In addition, we will add a website banner to our home page along with an acknowledgement section on the website detailing who it is that is making our studio dream a reality.

And, along with all this, we will also offer VIP access to gallery launches, further promotion at *exhibitions, in advertisements and editorials for the whole of 2024. 

*Where allowed, sadly some exhibitions do not allow secondary promotion. 

If you would like to be our 2024 Studio Patron? Then, all we are asking for is £5k for 13 fabulous months of patronage.

Yes,13 months because we would like to have the patron in place this month (Nov 2023) and we will have your details live prior to the end of this month. 

If you would like to help us on our journey then please email us at for more details. 

Many many thanks indeed. 

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